you can make this dream come alive by helping us to renovate this park in honor of the children of Liberia who have greatly suffered because of ebola. 

This park is located in the city of Paynesville, (on the outskirts of Monrovia.)   so many Liberians died a terrible death throughout the country, so many families were torn apart with unbelievable grief!  So many children left behind to suffer.  But, there is life after ebola! 

our goal is to have these children whose families were torn apart by this deadly disease dream again.  we want these children to look forward to better days and to be confident once more to dream big dreams! 

dreamers' park will be a place where children can do just that.  The park will have a picnic area with benches, a playground area and a stage area with a palava hut (gazebo) for local performances and community activities.

what have we done?

*we have identified a lot in Paynesville that will be donated to us by the city of Paynesville for renovation.   

*we have identified a play structure manufactured by an american company in indiana, playground equipment, inc.  offered to us at a good discount.  (The city of Paynesville will ship the equipment duty free.) *We have set a goal to raise $35,000 by May 31, 2016.  $25,000 for the play structure and $10,000 for the park renovation.

* What can you do?

*support the project by purchasing  paver stones or cornerstones. each stone you purchase will be engraved with your name, the name of your organization or any name of your choosing.  these stones will be used in the construction of "dreamers' Park."  your sacrifice will be the building blocks of this contribution to the Liberian children for generations to come.  join us now!

*paverstones: donation: $100.00ea     Cornerstones: donations: $1,000.00ea

* donations can be made directly to the manufacturer or to our Foundation.  All donations is tax deductible.  please send an email indicating how many stones you want and the amount of your contribution.  you will then be sent a link to either pay the manufacturer directly or pay into the Dreamers' park account set up  for the purpose of this fundraiser. please send your request to   Thanks for your help for this worthy cause.

*we want to break ground sometime in june, 2016.


Dedicated to the children who were victims of Ebola!