Chromebooks for Education!

in collaboration with google for education, we are preparing hybrid (online) classes for our students.  Each student enrolled in kindergarten - Grade 3 will receive an Educational Tablet to use at home in the event of a state of emergency.  Each student in Grades 4 to grade 9 will receive a chromebook (Laptop.)  All devices will be fully programmed with our entire curriculum, workbooks, reading books and textbooks. 

the year 2018 is our year of commitment to excellence!!!!  our curriculum will come alive with interactive activities and apps that will put joy in the learning of your child!   The teachers will also be able to monitor your child's progress more effectively. Your child will no longer have any "gaps" in their education by missing school. This way, your child can be safe at home while keeping up with his/her educational requirements. 

Our teachers will monitor the progress of your child on our  webserver and send communications via email. or even video chat. Bi- Weekly meetings will be scheduled with your family, or as needed, one-on-one to discuss the progress of your child and address any concerns.

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